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Regardless of this, Seoul-based Ginno Games studio, led by Chang-han Kim and which developed Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) for PC, was acquired in January 2015 by Bluehole, a leading South Korean publisher of MOBILE GAMES AND GAMES, and renamed Bluehole Ginno Games. [16] [17] Kim understood that producing a successful game in South Korea usually meant that it would be released worldwide, and wanted to use his team to create a successful pc title, following the same model as other mobile games released by Bluehole. He was already excited to make some sort of Battle Royale game after playing DayZ, in part that the format hadn`t imposed itself in Korea. He also wanted to do this through an early access model and have a very limited development schedule to release the game as quickly as possible, while treating the product as a “Games as a Service” model to be able to support it for many years. [16] While searching for what had been done, he came across Greene`s mods and turned to him. [16] In July 2017, Bluehole partnered with social media platform Facebook to provide exclusive streaming content to Facebook`s gaming channels to provide more content to its users. [18] Including the name, color combination representation, button shapes, and other graphic elements of the Websites, we have the intellectual property rights in the design and information on the Websites. This intellectual property is protected by international agreements, copyrights, trademarks, patent and trade secrets and other proprietary rights. For example; We have the copyright in the selection, organization, layout and improvement of the Websites as well as our original content of the Sites….