Behavioral Health Administration Agreement To Cooperate

Together With Veterans (TWV) engages rural Veterans and local partners to join forces to reduce Veteran suicide in communities across the Western Region. WICHE continues to collaborate with the Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC) for Veteran Suicide Prevention to implement this company-wide initiative, funded by the VA Office of Rural Health. WICHE also provides training and technical assistance to rural areas that are committed to adopting this evidence-based, veteran-led approach to assess community needs and develop a community-centred action plan, based on the public health model of suicide prevention. TWV practices are in line with the National Suicide Veteran Strategy and the SAMHSA/VA partnership, implemented by the Governor`s Challenge and Mayor`s Challenge for suicide prevention between service members, Veterans and their families. The WICHE Behavioral Health Program (BHP) and the University of Dakota College of Nursing and Professional Disciplines have been selected by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to manage a new Mountain Health Mental Technology Transfer Center (MP-MHTTC). The MP-MHTTC provides comprehensive training, resources and technical assistance to mental health care providers and other practitioners in the SAMHSA 8 region. The MP-MHTTC team develops and identifies new resources that are disseminated and easily accessible in the region and on the MHTTC network. The WICHE Behavioral Health Program serves the behavioural needs and priorities of 16 Member States and territories in a variety of ways. Select a state on the map for highlights that reflect WICHE`s commitment to that state. Many providers have virtually extended their services (videoconferencing and/or audio). To find a provider near you, visit our telemedicine provider map. To access mental health or substance use services in Prince George`s County, you can contact 211 and 1 or send your postal code to 898-211.

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