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Remember that your first payment may not be required more than a month after your closing date. If this is the case, your first payment may be higher than you had planned to cover the longer period. We will guide you through the TSB application process and we even check your documents two or three times to make sure your application goes as smoothly as possible. As with any mortgage lender, you must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a mortgage, and your financial situation will be taken into account. All applications are subject to a credit check and an accessibility check. Your lawyer and the seller`s lawyer must agree on a date on which the transaction is to be concluded and TSB must inform accordingly. The bank then sends the funds to the mortgage intermediary who oversees the transaction. This should ensure that nothing prevents you from getting the keys and removing them. It doesn`t matter if you`re a first-time buyer, settling in at home, or re-developing, all TSB apps start the same way by getting a mortgage promise. You can call TSB`s mortgage number on 0800 056 1088. The lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

You can also request a reminder. We understand that your daily life is busy, so let`s get to you if it sticks! TSB has fixed-rate mortgage options. You can apply for a fixed mortgage of 2, 3, 5 or 10 years from TSB, provided that you comply with the general conditions of sale. Take a look at our mortgage calculator to see if we can help you get the home you really want. As far as TSB is concerned, we are very attentive to the environmental impact of returning home and the impact on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. For every move for which we offer a mortgage, we commit to planting a tree to offset the carbon footprint of the move. To learn more, you can visit With TSB, you can overpay up to 10% of your mortgage each year without having to pay any fees. . But with recent changes in the way the ACF (the financial supervisory authority) manages PPI, these are no longer hidden costs you have to deal with.

If you wish to include the measure as additional protection for your investment, you can inform TSB. Otherwise, it will not be included in your contract with them. This only applies to mortgages in the UK (with the exception of Northern Ireland). All our mortgages at the end of the agreed period for the rest of the mortgage return at a tracking rate you can do online or by booking an appointment over the phone or at a branch. If you are a first-time buyer, Home Mover or looking for a mortgage rehypoththèque, you can apply for a mortgage promise Our mortgage promise offers a complete mortgage credit facility with minimal information. Yes, TSB offers buy-to-let mortgages. If you meet certain criteria, you can borrow up to 75% of the value of the property (65% for a new building) and borrow up to three TSB-to-let mortgages at the same time. Two-, three-year and five-year fixed-rate contracts are currently available.

If you opt for a lump sum payment, three options are available to you. You can: TSB has many different types of mortgage transactions, some of which offer more flexibility and fewer prepayments. Even a low interest rate doesn`t always mean you pay less over the life of your mortgage. There are a number of online review sites that contain reviews from TSB customers, including Trustpilot….