Withdrawal Agreement Vote October 2019

In the 2016 referendum, the UK voted 52% to 48% in favour of leaving the EU. But the difficulties that followed in getting Brexit through Parliament led to a deadlock in Westminster. It`s a pleasure to follow Mr. Baron. I will not vote for the bill tonight because it is nothing more than a charter for a Brexit without a deal. The guarantees in the withdrawal agreement negotiated by the previous Prime Minister, which would have ensured that we did not resolve ourselves without agreement at the end of the implementation period in 2020, have now been lifted. It is clear that the backstop for England, Wales and Scotland has disappeared. The reason why so many Conservative MPs, who opposed the previous Prime Minister`s agreement on all three occasions, now want to vote so much in favour of this bill is that it will bring the hard Brexit they believe in and, in some cases, for decades. We have an opportunity to put an end to this tonight, as we are approaching the moment of decision in a country that is calling for a single direction.

It will not be possible for long for someone to continue to say that they respect the result of the referendum – and remember that 80% of us in this House were elected on the basis of manifesto commitments to organise the referendum result – but they want an agreement because we have one here. Another delay is interpreted by public opinion either as a blocking of Brexit or as an inability to put aside party policy in the national interest. I propose that the country never come together again by telling the majority of people that their decision was wrong. The only way to unite it is to support a compromise agreement that gives this country democratic control of the laws of that country, while ensuring the continuation of cooperation, trade and culture, which we all appreciate, but which fear losing those who voted to lose it. The next tactic, that of right hon. and hon. The members who support this agreement and who are appointed are to say, “Let`s go. People have had enough of the process; they`ve had enough. I think we all share that view, but you are not giving up a subject of this magnitude because you are tired — you continue until you do it correctly. Three days to discuss this withdrawal agreement are therefore revolting. Jeremy Corbyn said Labour would continue to oppose the government`s Brexit deal, but six Labour MPs defied the party`s whip and voted with the government, and about 20 others voluntarily abstained, including Shadow Housing Minister John Healey. Boris Johnson`s government has negotiated a new “deal” with the European Union. It consists of a political declaration and a withdrawal agreement.

The document focuses on the withdrawal agreement and, as it compares it to the one negotiated by Theresa May`s government in November 2018. The main differences are in the Ireland/Northern Ireland protocol or in the backstop, as we know. It contains very different rules, the UK will no longer be in a single customs territory or a single union with the EU. The United Kingdom will no longer be legally required to comply with the same conditions of competition at the end of the transition period. Northern Ireland will continue to be in the UK`s customs and vat territory, but the region will be aligned with EU rules in these areas. Northern Ireland will continue to be largely in line with EU product rules. Four years after the end of the transition period, Northern Ireland`s democratic institutions will vote on the continuation of the provisions of the protocol. My right-wing friend agrees that we shouldn`t vote for something that could make our country poorer, and that`s exactly what this Brexit deal would do? Is it also appropriate that the previous referendum should have been considered illegal because of the Prime Minister`s excessive spending? The only way forward is through the referendum.