Ntnu Exchange Agreements

Social Media: Facebook Web: ntnu.edu/international FAQ: ntnu.edu/studies/faq We hope to welcome exchange students during the spring semester 2021. Most exchange students travel for three to six months, says Anja Linge Valberg, bureau chief of the NTNU Office of International Relations. Our FAQ for future exchange students is a good place to start. inter-institutional agreements, in accordance with the official requirements of the Erasmus programme. The letters and figures refer to the European Commission`s proposed treaty. Talk to your exchange coordinator if you need to make any changes to your learning agreement. Note that prospective and current students should use exchange@st.ntnu.no – don`t email or call individual staff. If you are an NTNU student who wants to travel abroad in exchange, check out the thematic page on foreign studies for international exchange students who are considering studying at NTNU: he still does not know if the exchanges scheduled for next spring could be cancelled. His plan is to study in New Zealand.

He says that the current situation means that he risks losing the necessary and desired experience of studying and working abroad. “We are now seeing some setbacks in the first half of the year and it is clear that digital solutions do not offer a comprehensive package in many respects. A large part of the exchange usually involves gaining cultural experience and living physically in a foreign country. We also receive feedback that digital courses can be a challenge for some. They can have bad Internet connections, there are different time zones and other technical problems,” explains Valberg. The Corona pandemic has mostly put an end to physical exchange programs for students during short stays this fall. NTNU felt that it was necessary to discontinue these exchanges for this semester. All student exchanges at the Faculty of Medicine and Health, which includes in the spring of 2021 the practice of training and internships in the field of health are cancelled How to provide information for students who wish to take courses at the NTNU, as well as for students who wish to do a project work, internship or master`s degree. Exchange student: Anne Ulla au@ntnu.no / Kristian Severeide kristian.severeide@ntnu.no Master`s student: opptak@ntnu.no Learn more about Corona`s impact on exchange stays in 2021. Understanding other languages, culture and history is part of many university courses.

According to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU, which has exchange agreements with more than 500 universities in more than 100 countries, students with international experience can demonstrate international skills. But for now, none of this helps.