Msci Index License Agreement

Learn more about the MSCI Euro Index methodology and the latest index rebalancing, or contact MSCI customer service. “Our goal is to make Hong Kong the Asian derivatives hub. mscI derivatives greatly extend the coverage of core assets beyond Hong Kong and mainland China to the rest of Asia. During the rollover period of recent weeks, we have seen a sharp increase in open interest rates and liquidity is increasing sharply in a series of msci price-return index contracts. We expect this exciting momentum to continue in the coming months as customers around the world look to Hong Kong to meet their trade and investment needs,” Yiu said. Wilfred Yiu, head of Markets at HKEX, said: “HKEX`s Msci Taiwan Stock Exchange Index stock index futures are geographically closest to the Taiwan market and offer investors the opportunity to optimize latency and improve pricing.” MSCI has previously cooperated with SGX for stock index futures and options. With the exception of msci Singapore Index products, SGX will cease to use them as soon as the license agreement expires in February 2021. For more than 40 years, investors have been counting on the strength of MSCI`s indexing competency and the full range of global stock indexes. Meanwhile, HKEX announced on Thursday that it had extended its licensing agreement with MSCI to the MSCI Taiwan 25/50 index. “With this expanded agreement with FTSE Russell, we will develop more unique tools to meet changing investor needs.” In May 2020, HKEX signed a major agreement with MSCI to license a series of MSCI indices in Asia and Emerging Markets for the introduction of futures and options in Hong Kong. The agreement expands the existing partnership between the two companies and enshrines HKEX and MSCI`s commitment to a long-term product development and innovation agenda in the region. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is pleased to welcome the introduction of the latest tranche of futures contracts today (Monday) as part of its new index licensing agreement with MSCI Inc., which further expands the breadth and depth of products in Hong Kong`s international financial markets. Henry Fernandez, President and CEO of MSCI, added: “MSCI`s mission as a provider of tools, services and knowledge for the global investment sector is to help investors around the world better understand and manage investment opportunities and risks.

As we continue to see increasing demand from global investors to improve their risk management capabilities, we are pleased to license HKEX to use our indices for this suite of new trading and risk management tools for global investors. The MSCI China 50 Index also applies the methodology of the MSCI 25/50 Index, according to which the weight of a single group unit must not exceed 25% of the index and must not exceed the sum of the weights of all companies in the group with a weight greater than 5% in the index`s 50% index. The average index values on the last trading day, recorded every last 25 minutes of trading, rounded up to the next 2 decimal places HKEX have already launched 33 MSCI futures contracts in July and August.