Kwf Consortium Agreement

Communication within the consortium, the execution of project bricks and quality control of results take up most of the time from a coordinator. We are in charge of making reports available in a timely manner. We are the way in which scientific projects are risky and can be delayed, even if they are planned in very detail at the beginning. Our service includes progress management and coordination around benefits, milestones and project reports. The date of termination of a project is the date on which the last appointment of temporary agents is completed or the date of termination of the partnership program, depending on what happens in the first place. Once the project is complete, the final report on project results and results, as well as financial reports – according to the LSH-TKI top sector control protocol and in accordance with the terms of the PPP allocation – must be made available to NWO Domain AES. Within 6 weeks of the closing date, NWO Domain AES must be submitted in accordance with the control protocol of the top sector LSH-TKI. All costs associated with financial accountability (NL: Accountants Verklaring) must be borne by the consortium partners. Our clients demand project approaches that go beyond simply performing (search) tasks. ttopstart does this by building and supporting the project ecosystem in order to carry out truly disruptive research and large-scale effects. Our experience in complex consortia, as well as support for the most demanding projects, have led to a remarkable offer of knowledge and a unique offer of project management: beyond management, finance and related reporting, ttopstart brings the know-how, processes and tools to maximize engagement within the consortium and through stakeholders and sustainability inside and outside the project. Broadcast and communication strategies are of great importance in Horizon 2020 and are facilitated by the project management file when ttop is launched. At the beginning of your project, we develop a detailed communication and dissemination plan.

We will develop key bespoke messages and broadcast materials, including a project website. This is done in close collaboration with the project coordinator and other consortium partners. After attribution, a partnership agreement is required for each project that specifies the legal and financial conditions, including the IP-P agreements (see below). Research institutes, industry partners and other users who co-finance the project (consortium partners), NWO Domain AES and KWF Kankerbestrijding are parties to this agreement. The grant is only available after the signing of the project agreement by all parties and sent back to the AES office prior to the date indicated in the award letter. If the EC tells you that your project has been approved for funding, the grant agreement must be developed and signed within a limited time frame. ttopstart supports this process and acts as a helpdesk for you and the members of the consortium. We can support the implementation of the consortium`s draft contract (format approved by H2020) and facilitate the signing process. Although ttopstart does not offer legal advice or participate in negotiations, we are your trusted advisor. All scientific publications from research funded by grants from this call for proposals and approved by the User Committee are immediately accessible (open access) worldwide, given the terms of the partnership agreement and the respective partnership agreement. There are several ways for researchers to publish open access.