Co Investment Agreement

Talk to a member of our private equity and venture capital team for support or questions in the study of co-investment agreements. According to Axial, a capital raising platform, nearly 80% prefer small-to-medium buyout strategies, and $2 million to $10 million per co-investment. Simply put, this means that they prefer to focus on less sighted companies, with expertise in a niche area, rather than pursue high-level business investment. In 2015, almost 50% of sponsors did not charge an administrative fee for co-investments. The appeal option is granted to TE by Telco taking into account TE`s investment commitment in Telco under the co-investment agreement and taking into account the overall balance of economic interests between all parties to the co-investment agreement and the shareholders` pact. To ensure fairness and transparency, weighing funds and pep funds should review and implement best practices, including strong disclosure, fairness of attribution and vigilance in the face of potential conflicts of interest. A well-structured co-investment vehicle, with carefully prepared funding agreements and related documents, can address and mitigate many of the potential pitfalls. Equity co-investment opportunities are generally limited to large institutional investors who already have an existing relationship with the private equity fund manager and are often not available to small investors or small investors. A co-investment framework for the main pe fund should be carefully studied and developed at an early stage in order to communicate with LDCs as soon as possible. The fund`s offering documents and agreements should sufficiently clearly determine the country`s situation. Why should a private equity fund manager give a lucrative chance? Private equity is usually invested in a portfolio of companies through an LP vehicle.

In some situations, LP funds may already be fully linked to a number of companies, which means that the private equity fund manager, if there is another prime opportunity, must either give up the opportunity or offer some investors a co-investment. Co-investment agreements can provide benefits and value to both PPS and PE funds. An investor in an EP fund will often indicate (often in the subscription agreement or a letter of signature with the fund) if he is interested in the opportunities for co-investment. Such a choice by the LP is informational and should not impose a commitment on the Fund`s General Partner (GP).